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Some things just take for freaking ever

My Ravelry project page for this shawl tells me that I first started knitting with this yarn WAY back in 2009. The knitting was finished in 2014 and the final blocking was last week. That is truly an insane amount of time for something to take to knit. But it happens, even to the best of us. Somehow it took me nearly four years JUST to block this shawl. That in itself is pretty nuts. I didn't even recall that I had originally cast this on for another shawl project until I looked at my project page. Good for past me even taking note of that. I know that the size of the shawl was really daunting to me to be able to block as I didn't have a big enough carpeted or spare bed on which to block this when I lived in Montreal. But I have friends with a spare room. I had blocked things on my brother's carpet. I'm sure I could have found some space somewhere to block this behemoth. Heck, I could have blocked it as soon as I came back to Edmonton in January 2016. But I guess I jus…

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