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Saying Goodbye

A yarn and fabric store in Montreal is closing after 12 years. Effiloché is closing it's doors on December 6, 2018. There have been other local yarn stores that have closed. When I moved back to Edmonton a few years ago, Wool Revival was on "sometimes" hours and Ewe asked for it, and Knit, Purl had both been closed for many years. Effiloché was not the first yarn store I visited in Montreal, that was A La Tricoteuse Laine which closed a year or two before I left Montreal. But Effiloché was my most frequented yarn store, partly because it was the largest shop that was near to where I lived, and partly because I became friends with the owner through my brother who taught knitting there for many years. There were trips visiting with early blog/knitting group friends. Trips with crafty friends to buy materials for communal baby quilt projects. Sewing Saturdays where I would go and learn about garment sewing from then sewing teacher Anne. At one point, back when Foursquare wa…

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