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Back onto Socks

I finished some more socks.I had a desire to use up every last bit of my favourite sock yarn. I still had some bits leftover after knitting two other pairs of socks. I figured there would be enough for another pair. Use one for the main part of the sock and the other for contrasting toes, heels and cuffs. I decided to work two at a time & toe-up as I wasn't sure how much yarn was left. I had planned to work a toe-up heel flap (from the Sockmatician's pattern), but I was quite low on the green when I got to the gusset increases so I changed to an Afterthought heel instead to really maximize what I could get out of the green. Turns out there was plenty of the blue-purple colour, so I made up for the skimpy legs with more generous cuffs. I had enough of the blue yarn to do even more, but I'm happy with the 30 rows that I worked. Pattern: Toe-up Afterthought Heel Socks
Materials: Regia Extra Twist Merino Color in 9327 & 9328
Start Date: August 9, 2018
End Date: August 1…

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