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Mothy Stitches

So what am I stitching on now? It's a moth. I became interested in moths as a motif last year during an university painting course that I took. I had included a moth in a painting prep collage and later in the course revisited the idea of adding insects to my work. Since then I've had moths on the brain and have been collecting images of moths that I see in real life as well as ones I come across online. At some point last year I searched Etsy for moth cross stitch patterns and found this pattern from a 1996 issue of The Cross Stitcher for a few bucks. I really liked the moth. And I had a leftover piece of fabric from another project that would be the right size. So I knew it would be the next thing to work on after I finished the 'Night, Neighborhood sampler. The very night that I finished it, I started getting the moth ready to go.So I've been Stitching.And stitching.And stitching. It's finally been some nice weather here, so I even got to stitch outside last wee…

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