23 September 2011

Accidentally on purpose

I'm helping a friend by checking over a pattern she's just finished writing and knitting up some samples. Just last night I finished putting together this lovably lumpy Teddy Rhino specimen.

Teddy Rhino

And as it turns out, it's just in time for World Rhino Day (which I knew nothing about until today, I swear).

12 September 2011

September Spin-in

I realised during Labour day weekend that I really haven't spun very much yarn this year. Other than this, this and some other non-documented singles, I really haven't spun at all this year.

And those rolags were made in March. I'd STILL NOT finished spinning them up and they are only half the bump of fibre. So I got to spinning.

Banana Split Singles

And managed to finish up spinning the rolags (2 oz. down, 2 oz. to go).

Then I remembered that I had a acquired quite a number of mystery cakes of handspun singles in need of plying:

Mont Filé-a-main

And realised that now I have a wheel so these will be relatively quick work. Suddenly I had a stack of skeins all ready to wash.

Spinning again

I missed out on the Tour de Fleece this year. I forgot all about it until it was basically over. So I'm declaring September for spinning!

My September Spin-in is already begun. I'm going to try and spin everyday, weather permitting. Fiona and I better get to work.

7 September 2011

Thread reaload

My needle has been reloaded.

Thread reload

After finishing my previous spool the other day, I decided it was time for a new spool. A notions sale at Fabricville led me to a load up on thread, including this 1,200 yard wonder should get me pretty far in hand piecing this beast. It should last a bit longer than it's predecessor at least.

6 September 2011

Instant Baby Sweater

There are another batch of babies coming up this winter and I decided to get my needles started for them during my last 4-day weekend of the summer. I had started knitting something else with this skein of last year's handspun but decided what it really wanted to be was a baby sweater.

Instant Baby Sweater

Or more precisely, a February Baby Sweater (a.k.a. Baby Sweater on Two Needles). This is the first time I've knit this sweater, and the second time I've actually followed an Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern all the way through. Last time didn't end so well.

Gull Stitch Detail

But fortunately, I've knit my way through all the bad sweaters. Also, the baby who's going to wear this is still in utero, so no one can say that it doesn't fit. The baby will grow into it and guaranteed won't care about gaping necklines (or about much at all).

Garter yoke detail

P.S. This sweater is impossibly soft.