The 'Other' side of Fair Isle

They're not done yet. I haven't even quite finished one (thumb still to be done) but I just couldn't wait to show off how great these mitts are turning out. Way amazinger than I thought possible. It blows my mind enough to make up words. Unfortunately the colour palette is tricky to capture, but you get the idea.

Here you can see the proper colour transitions. I reknit the body of the mittens several times to figure out the right combination of colours and the right order. I'm really happy with the final sequence.

I love Love LOVE the final effect of the mitten/cuff combo. I originally was going to use brown instead of the grey, but it just looked sucked the life out of the colours compared to the brightness of the cuff.

Here you can see the 'other' side of Fair Isle and crazy Latvian Mittens. TONS of ends to work in. I'm going to do it before working the thumb so that it doesn't seem like such a chore. Yes I did carry yarns up the side when it made sense, but never more than one extra at a time. It's just too many balls of yarn to wrangle for me.

I will most definitely be showing these off more when they're finally done. I'm just so proud of them!

Oh and an update on the Adult Surprise Jacket, I guess I don't have any extra balls kicking around, so I had planned to pick up another one when I was next at Effiloché only to find it was the one colour they didn't have. Some Yarndex research indicates that it's an extinct colour. Oy. But don't fear, I found some on eBay.


Betsy said…
Wow. Those are sure some interesting (and good-looking) mittens!
Amy said…
Did you say on Sunday that these were for a swap? A swap with me that I don't remember signing up for? I sure hope so.
AliP said…
Oh my gods those are such gorgeous mittens. I am so supremely jealous of your mad skillz. Please be my BFF and knit for ME??? LOL
Alison said…
This is *beautiful* -- the colour combo is perfect, and dynamic with the gray. Nice work!
Cheryl said…
Those are the most beautiful mittens!!! Is it an available pattern? The colors are stunning and knitting impeccable..

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