Hawaiian Holiday Hiatus

Aloha from an island in the sun.

I'm declaring an official personal holiday hiatus. I'm taking a holiday from winter and all winter related activities. Including shovelling snow, wearing mittens/hats/scarves/long underwears/sweaters, carefully planning what to do when I leave the warmth of my apartment to minimise the outside time and knitting.

Yes that's right. I've run away for a Maui Christmas with my family and I didn't bring ANY knitting or knitting related items. This is a full blown holiday. No stress related to misbehaving knit projects (in my attempt to be a sweater master, the sweaters have taught me a thing or two), no yarn related guilt/lack of inspiration, no shopiholia for new projects.

No Xmas stress of any kind (other than getting here but that's a story for when I get back). Christmas shopping is non-existent on these family holidays.

Just beach & ocean & ice cream & lots of movies & hangout time & riding in slightly obnoxious generic SUVs that are just a bit too tall to be comfortable climbing in and out of for a shorty like me.

So Mele kalikimaka and Happy New Year to all and try to keep warm.


AliP said…
Don't forget to go up the mountain/crater...it starts with an H. Hekkalekkahi'lekkahynie-ho?
Hope your sunny Maui time is fantasticalllyfantabulous. I am trying very hard not to be jealous...just because I dream of returning..very vivid green Maui dreams that leave me depressed and despondant upon awakening and realizing it minus 20 frakking celicius..
But I digress... say hi to the reef sharks for me and remember not to touch the turtles.
They are hallucinogenic.

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