We're going Skatin'

The birthday fun continues this weekend. As some of you may know from the Book of Face, I want to go skating. So Saturday night, we are going ice skating in Old Montreal at the Quays of the Old Port. Mr. Peabody, Sylvain and I are planning to be there around 7ish. We may be earlier or a little later but we've been looking forward to this all month.

Alison very nicely gave me a pair of her old skates and Mr. Peabody is scrounging all the Village de Valeurs in Montreal for skates. So we mean business! Come on down and make the best of a snowy, gross, never ending winter that we're having. Although originally associated with my birthday, now it's just a thing, so feel free to come along. Skating is fun! I'm not an amazing skater, can barely skate backwards, but I enjoy skating fast and can most of the time stop myself, usually by using a nearby snowbank or the boards of the rink. I'm classy like that.

I lied and thought it was free. Skating costs $4 for adults with various other price breakdowns and of course there's skate rentals and sharpening and toe pick removal and such. Parking Info for those with cars. Oh and there's lockers but it's bring your own lock (or rent one). For those so inclined, I believe there's a bar in the warm toasty building as well.

Hope to see you there!


Sorry I can't make it - I've got Habs tickets. (Plus a pregnant lady on skates??) LOL

Have a grand ole time!
Anonymous said…
I went skating there not long before I left! It was heaps of fun. Hope you had a wonderful time too!
AliP said…
Was it fun? Did you survive????
I survived our trip northerly(Qc city) and just got back today.
jane said…
Knit & Purl Chick: Glad to hear you had fun at the game. You are a pregnant Canadian, so who knows about your willingness to strap blades onto your feets.

Betsy: Glad to hear you've experience the fabulousness that is skating in the Old Port. 'Tis not to be missed.

Alip: Yes it was tons of fun. I got there around quarter to 7 and just about closed down the rink! 3 hours of skating made me quite sore...but in a good way.
Alison said…
How was it? Was it busy? We've only been to Beaver Lake (which IS free).

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