12 May 2008

Consistency is the thing

Yes, more spinning. I do have some more knitting to show off, but I'm all sick and phlemgy at the moment so that will have to wait for a bit.

I've been working my way through the 8 oz. of Louet Corriedale that was part of the Intro to Spinning class I took with Mr. Peabody at Ariadne. I'm working on establishing and maintaining a decent level of consistency. While I don't feel that I'm 'breaking' the colours that I've spun, I feel that working through the 8 oz. of just simple white will allow me to focus on consistency without needing to worry about how the colours are going to match up once it's plied.

Also, I'm not a big fan of having a large stash. I find it kind of like a mental block for new fibres. If I see something I want to spin, I'll instantly get the stash-enduced guilt and think of all the fibre I already have. Same principles apply to the yarn stash and I don't really like it but I am trying to knit my way through it.

All these skeins have been Andean plied so that it gives a better idea of overall consistency (plying one end with the other & meeting in the middle instead of plying lengths of the same section together).

Skein 1

I'm pretty sure this is what I spun during the spinning class.

Skein 2

Later that same weekend.

Skein 3

A little quickie skein during a conversation or something.

Skein 4

My super happy joy skein. I'm super proud of this one. I'm getting larger lengths of consistent gauge and I'm now back at the spin and stand stage with park 'n' draft reserved for problem areas. That's right. I spin old skool style now. As the spindle does it's thing spinning away as I draft. It makes me feel like a spinning rockstar.

I'm also happy with the weight of my singles. As a 2-ply it's roughly a dk/sport weight which I think will be quite versatile. These days I've been tending towards dk/sport weight for projects. And if I want something more substantial, then more plys.

And I've still got a third of the bag yet to spin. It's very exciting. And I'm sure this is not the last that you'll be hearing about White Correidale.

3 May 2008

A Little Weekend Treat

A few Knit Nites™ ago at Ariadne, I had a chance with their (possibly) new wheel when plying some handspun.

And from the above results I've concluded that I'm not ready for a wheel just yet. I think it's kind of like learning to drive. First you need your learner's permit (spindle) to get the hang of things before you're allowed the productivity of a wheel.

Not happy with the resulting bad plying job, I un-did the ply, added a little more twist to the singles and replied using my spindle. Now the skeins match:

Light Lolita
Pamplemousse en caoutchouc
4 oz. Navajo plyed handspun
100% Blue Faced Leicester

This yarn makes me very happy and no, not a clue what I'm going to make with it.