Sock Club pile up

This should come as no surprise but I'm experiencing a sock club yarn pile up these days. It seems that getting a skein of sock yarn a month is too much for me to handle. But then I went and signed up for ANOTHER sock club and things really went out the window. Or rather stacked up on my coffee table just staring at me. Taunting me. When are you going to knit me? What pattern are you going to use? You know another skein is soon to be on it's way. What are you gonna do then huh? Add another skein to the pile?

Well I've decided that at least having a pattern in mind for each skein will take the pressure off. It should at least keep the taunting to a minimum.

I had the thought to make Beaudelaire from this chocolatey skein:

But for the remaining two skeins, inspiration has yet to strike.

Any one have any ideas?


Anonymous said…
You should check out my sock queue on Ravelry. There's a ton of cute socks in there that I'll never have time to make.
Kirsty said…
I keep away from socks myself- I've seen what happens to perfectly good knitters once they enter the sock tunnel- next thing you know they're stacking sock yarn on their coffee table (tee hee!)
Thanks for the lovely comments!
My mailbox is always open to gifts of sock yarn. Also, check this out: Great cause if you want to get rid of the sock yarn in a hurry without knitting socks.
Kate said…
Have you seen Cookie A's new sock book, "Sock Innovation"? It has totally converted me to her sock patterns, and given me lots of ideas for my insanely large stash.
jane said…
I've totally stolen lainevierge's method of using her Ravelry queue as well as many of the sock patterns she's got in hers.

I think I'll end up with a whole winter's worth of hand knit socks by the time I get through all the yarn I have.

Kate: I'll have to take a look at her sock book. I've been reading great things about it.

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