The recent radio silence is due to a awesome long weekend trip to NYC. We took the train down and talked most of the way. It was awesome even if it took all day. Much more civilised than taking the bus and less of a hassle than taking a plane. We hunted for vinyl, found great books and visited craft mecca. There's pics on my Flickr if you're bored/interested.

I won't have much to report on until sometime next week as my parents are in town visiting. But on the upside, my mom is actually letting me use her iPad. I know, I'm surprised too.


Ali P said…
Who is "we"? Or is it the royal "we" and you talked to yourself the whole trip?LOL

Glad you are having some FUN! I have never been to NYC. Someday....
jane said…
I went down with lainevierge though I do talk to myself, inanimate objects and annoying people under my breath.

I haven't been for 8 years and very much looking forward to this becoming a habit.

P.S. Amtrak has delicious hot dogs.

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