Kewel Crewel Continues

Daisychain Sampler - in progress

So my stamina on the Daisychain Sampler is continuing rather unabated.

Daisychain E

I think I like this sampler business with different stitches being used for different letters.

Daisychain F

There's enough variety to keep things from being monotonous and each letter is completely quickly enough that I can't really get bored.

Daisychain G

So yeah. I've already got a whole much more letters done since last week.

Daisychain H

Daisychain I

Daisychain J

Though stem stitch hasn't really been a favourite stitch, I do quite love the ropey effect it has here. Plus I think I like stem stitch more now that I know how to stitch it properly (reading instructions is a good idea).

Daisychain K - in progress

Even this K was finished by last night. I'm sure I'll have more to show before long.


Claireabell said…
This is very beautiful, well done!
jane said…
Thanks so much. My favorite so far is the SUPER puffy E.
deborahk said…
i'm doint the sampler too and your stem stitch is so much tighter than mine -- I like yours more and may adapt it for later letters. this is the first kit i've ever done and its so much fun.
jane said…
Why thanks Deborah. I was never a big fan of stem stitch and usually it doesn't end up looking nearly as nice.

But after some wonky stitches, I read through and followed the directions in the kit and got way more pleasing stitches. I'm really enjoying the kit too. I think this is the start of a crewel kick.
Anonymous said…
jane said…
Thanks Cosy! I've been having lots of fun working on this. :)

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