2017 Wrap up

It's been quite a while, but crafting continues. Maybe because we stayed home for the holidays this year, maybe because I've been watching many knitting podcasts. But somehow this year I feel compelled to do an end of the year wrap up.

Knits from the first part of the year.

This year has definitely been the year of the sock for me. Inspired by a friend's participation and after finishing two whole pairs of socks, in April I felt compelled to join the Box 'o' Sox KAL. Because I was playing catch-up, I started knitting two-at-a-time socks on magic loop and really started cranking them out.

I knit 13 for the Box 'o' Sox KAL

Plus a bonus pair of Christmas socks that I finished today. Somehow the stripe placement was perfect for these socks. Final pair for 2017 & bonus 14th pair for my #boxosoxkal2017 These were my #lbkchristmasevecaston2017 & were knit toe-up with true afterthought heels which happened to work out in the middle of the
I made four pairs of socks for my Mom.

And two pairs of socks for my Dad, including my first intarsia-in-the-round Argyle Socks.

Other than socks I knit two sweaters and a HUGE Find Your Fade shawl.

This holiday season I became enamoured with making tree ornaments out of felt.

That about covers everything I made in 2017. We'll see how the making of things continues in 2018. I'm still pretty keen on knitting socks.


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