Couldn't help but to cast on

Nice self striping, originally uploaded by bunnieprops.

The kit just sat there staring at me all morning until I couldn't help it any longer. I unwound the skein, made a tiny yarn cake (it almost seemed like a waste of time and a perfectly good yarn winder), and cast on for the smallest project I've ever made. It was finished in no time and I am pleased with the finished product (hence all the pics in my Flickr). In fact I am considering a future of knitting doll clothing as it was just so much fun!

Thanks Secret Pal for an interesting afternoon project. I can't wait for what other surprises you have up your sleeve. Instant first package and virtual gift of a lovely sock pattern, what's next? I can hardly wait...


K2P2 said…
Love the sock. That is too cute. I think I have to get a kit for myself now! I must knit one.

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