9 November 2008

I'm a real spinner now!

I am super proud of this yarn that I made. I officially feel like a real and official, grown up spinner now. I spun this one weekend in October. I spent the better part of a Saturday dividing up the roving and drafting it. I finished spinning one half that same evening, plied it Sunday morning and continued on with the second half, drafting, spinning and plying. It was so great to just draft draft spin spin spin that I didn't even take pictures of the process at all (sorry, it would have been good too).

I was being rather methodical and Mr. Peabody-like when I started on this braid. I can never manage to get one skein onto my spindle as a single, so nevermind about it once it's plied my friends. So this time I decided to split the roving in half to begin with. The plan of attack was to spin each half as a separate skein and let the colours fall as they may.

Now each half was still a bit long to easily manage to split, draft and spin, so I split the halves into half (so I would be working in quarter lengths of the total roving length). Each of these quarters had it's own little mix of colours. So once I had split them into slivers, drafted and they were ready (I think 8 per quarter), I alternated the next colour I would spin. I had two 'lines' of little lovely drafted crack piles of each quarter 'colourway' (again a picture might be nice here).

'Dora' Spunky Eclectic
4 oz. 2-ply handspun
100% Blue Faced Leicester

At the end of it all I had two quite distinct colourway skeins that complimented each other very nicely and are likely quite similar in weight/yardage and such. I was quite surprised that being SO methodical about the spinning didn't take away ANY of the fun at all. In fact it was super fun to be more 'scientific' about my spinning. I think I'll be all crazy and methodical like that again for my next big spinning weekend. And this time I promise to take more pics....well I'll try to at least ;)

8 November 2008

The Procrastinated Unfortunate Sock Report

These socks have been finished for quite some time. They've just been sitting on a shelf waiting for me to finally work in all the ends and stick 'em on my feets (or like make it official by posting them here). Sorry for the procrastination. I'm guess I'm just not feeling so wordy these days. A more poetic interpretation of this sock yarn.

Right, so, uh, I finished these socks in September and am only now getting around to writing about them now that we're into November. Maybe it's that the colours here in Montreal have turned to match. Or it could be this particular rainy fall day we're having but today I'm finally writing about them.

I started these back at the end of August in an inspired match of colour scheme to pattern and went whole hog from there. I did have to restart these to add some stitches to adapt for my gauge, but continued on from there. Each stripe transition was fully enjoyable in it's own Ugly Doll/Charlie Brown/Nanaimo Bar kind of way.

The pattern itself is pretty straight forward. I really didn't pay close attention once the mitered increase/decreases were set up. When ready, I plunked in the patterened heel, and then the toe. I did modify the gusset decreases à la Brainy but left the stitch count from leg to foot. I do find that the socks have a certain inherit slouch at the ankle, and I may have been a bit generous in my adaptation for my gauge, but overall I'm happy with these socks. Especially now that rubber/winter boot season seems to be upon us once more.

Pattern: Crosswalker Socks by Emily B. Miller
Materials: Trekking XXL 193 - Sad Charlie Brown stripes (lot 5396)
Start Date: August 26, 2008
End Date: September 25, 2008