4 September 2009

Eleven day socks

Late to the party and after the crosswalkers, I finally made a pair of Jaywalkers. I have had this yarn hanging around in my stash for a while waiting to become a great pair of socks and I think is well suited to the Jaywalker pattern. My mom got to pick the yarn for her own pair of socks while in Montreal.

Pattern: Jaywalkers by Grumperina
Materials: Austermann Step colour 11
Start Date: August 20, 2009
End Date: August 31, 2009

After the Fraggle Squiggle socks this was a mindless pattern once set up but enjoyably so. I was quite surprised with how quickly the socks progressed. I finished the first sock really quickly in a few days and took a bit longer with the second. These were the quickest socks I've knit all summer.

The only change I made to the pattern was making the gusset decreases right next to the pattern increases instead of having 1 stitch buffer. This change makes it so that the gusset decreases merge better into the existing pattern.

This was the first pair of socks where I went to the trouble to match up the stripes from one sock to the next. This made it easier to track the lengths as I was knitting. Instead of measuring to know where I was, I would read where I was in the stripes instead.

I did my best to make these mom sized socks, but trying them on to take pictures I realised they were a pretty good fit for me. I'm pretty sure I'll make another pair of Jaywalkers with my own toes in mind. Great pattern, great socks.

3 September 2009

The Pink Bag

The summer of sewing continues with the bag I made for me. I opted for a nice combination of pink flowers and brown flowers/leaves with some crazy mint green little seeds for the lining. After making one of these bags, the second was really just fun. I cut the fabric and made the whole thing in a day out at the lake.

Pattern: Amy Butler Birdie Sling bag
Fabric: exterior - Amy Butler Lotus in Pink/Tree Peony, handles - Amy Butler Midwest Modern in Brown/Trailing Cherry and lining - Amy Butler Belle in Duck Egg/Seeds
Date: August 7th 2009

Pattern: Amy Butler Stash and Dash bags
Fabric: exterior - Amy Butler Lotus in Pink/Tree Peony, exterior contrast - Amy Butler Midwest Modern in Brown/Trailing Cherry and lining - Amy Butler Belle in Duck Egg/Seeds
Date: August 12th 2009

I really got the hang of putting in zippers after making four of these little stash and dash bags. The last one was a breeze. I went with mint green as my contrasting zipper to play off the pink top of the smaller bag. Though I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to use these little zipper pouches for, they were fun and fast to make.

2 September 2009

The Yellow Bag

Continuing my summer fun sewing projects I made another purse for my mom from another Amy Butler purse pattern. This time the Birdie Sling. After all the fun of making the Blue Reversible bag, we went and got fabric for another 2 purses (another for mom, and one for me).

Again fun and simple to put together. The only tricky part is easing the bands onto the exterior and lining panels, but with enough pins turns out fine. The fun new thing with this pattern was using fusible fleece on the lining and making corner gussets on the exterior and lining. The combination of fusible fleece and all the interfacing again gives the bag sturdiness but really no additional weight. Overall a great bag. I really enjoy the joyfulness of this particular colour combination. I would have to say that I wouldn't have minded if my mom decided she didn't like it after all.

Pattern: Amy Butler Birdie Sling bag
Fabric: exterior - butter and white floral, handles and lining - Amy Butler Midwest Modern in Linen/Martini
Date: August 3rd 2009

When buying the fabric, we bought the metric equivalents of the yardage asked for on the package and ended up with more than was necessary for the bags. Solution: matching zipper pouches.

The stash and dash bags bring zippers into the mix. And as I didn't have the fabrics with me when picking out the zippers, I convinced my mom that contrasting zippers would be the way to go. Lucky for me she was game. And I really think the zippers give the pouches extra oompf. The zippers were a bit of a challenge to put in on the first pouch. Lots of swearing went on as I got used to putting them in, but I managed to get the hang of it.

Pattern: Amy Butler Stash and Dash bags
Fabric: exterior - butter and white floral, exterior contrast and lining - Amy Butler Midwest Modern in Linen/Martini
Date: August 11th 2009

These stash and dash pouches were made from the leftovers, but really didn't take much fabric either. The resulting extra extras will again be going into the Hexagonal quilt project. It's working out great to have this scrap happy project going while sewing these purses and pouches.

1 September 2009

Reversible Blue Swing Bag

I may not be knitting much this summer, but I have definitely been sewing. While foraging for new fabrics to add to my crazy hexagonal quilt my mom and I became enamoured with the Amy Butler fabrics and purse patterns so we decided that I would make her a purse. After pulling out almost every possible colour combination possible, we ended up with some nice blues.

The pattern was really well written with simple explanations of every step including how to set up the biases fabric for the optional scarf (which was appreciated). The whole purse was rather fun to put together and I loved how much of a magic trick it seemed to finish it off. Pull the whole thing through a small opening at the bottom of the lining and BOOM! instant reversible purse!

Pattern: Amy Butler Swing bag
Fabric: Amy Butler Lotus in Sky/Tree Peony and Amy Butler Belle in Pine/Coriander
Date: an afternoon in July 2009

This was my first time working with canvas. The whole bag is lined with it. It really gives the bag a great sense of sturdiness without adding too much bulk or weight. I personally wouldn't have made the optional scarf as I'm not much of a bow person, but my mom insisted that it made the bag. But as the scarf is on the bias, it made for an interesting addition.

We did end up with extra fabric, especially of the bow fabric, but luckily I have a quilt in need of extras to help.