24 November 2010

I am a quilt machine

This past weekend, my group of Montreal ladies and I headed over to my brother's place (aka - the House of Quilt) for an Intro to Patchwork. It was super fun! Though some ladies left earlier, Amanda and I hung out and played Quilt Machine until 11pm or so. It was epic!

I (of course) chose a complicated, advanced block and spent the entire time cutting out the fabric pieces for my blocks. I originally intended to cut out fabrics for 2 blocks. Due to some confusion and the fact that the cutting instructions were for cutting out for double blocks, that, er, became fabric for 4 blocks. Er, yeah.

After cutting out a bazillion pieces of fabrics for these blocks, I also had to mark little dots on each piece. By the time I finished marking pieces early Sunday afternoon, I REALLY wanted to sew them together.

Chrysanthemum Block 2

So I did. The blocks aren't perfect, but the block design is kind of forgiving? I like to think that it is.

Chrysanthemum Block 3

These are really the first "real" quilt blocks that I've pieced since beginning quilting.

Chrysanthemum Block 1

My machine was mostly co-operative about the piecing. Though I can't wait to get my hands on the Singer Featherlight from my mom's friend. It will be so nice to have a machine that sews straight lines (don't tell Greenie that I said that).

Chrysanthemum Block 3
Mixed Bouquet Block from American Patchwork & Quilting, December 2009. Issue 101

4 blocks down, 6 more to go. I think I want to make some of those crazy itty bitty square blocks I've been seeing around. And maybe some of those asterisk blocks I've come across.

23 November 2010

Spun Seaweed

I have been a big fan of CosyMakes dyeing since I started getting her Falkland Fiber Club earlier in the spring. I think there's an entire cubby worth of her fibre in my new shelving unit. I ended up buying lots from her Etsy shop in addition to my fibre club instalments over the summer.

When I saw one of the instalments of the Farm Wool Club, I switched over. Who could resist fun fibre blends like Alpaca, wool or Angora, Shetland? Not me it would seem. I got the first instalment of my new Farm Wool Fiber Club from CosySpins with the last instalment of her Falkland Fiber Club.

Seaweed Braid

As soon as I unwrapped this fibre, took photos and added it to Ravelry, I started spinning it.

Seaweed skein

I spun it long-draw. It may have been a good idea to pre-draft or "pop" it a bit before spinning. It was a bit of a forearm workout as it was. I finished the yarn over the weekend and it's super lovely! That little bit of mo makes all the difference.

Seaweed skein detail
Farm Wool Fibre Club for September
'Seaweed' CosySpins
50% Wool, 50% Alpaca
4 oz.

Now to think of what I want to knit with this. I think I need a LOT more lace in my life.

22 November 2010

Nini's Martini

A friend of mine fell and broke her face walking home from work on the Friday before Hallowe'en. She expressed an extreme love of this fibre when I received in during the summer so I decided to spin her up some yarn.

Nini's Martini

At her request, I spun this Noro-style. I separated all the colours and spun them up "in order" from the green to the maroon then chain-plied it to keep the colour transitions. It worked out pretty well, though in future I think some drafting of 2 transition colours together would be wise.

I think I'm a long-draw convert. This spun up pretty quickly even if it's a tad underspun in areas. I might need a smaller ratio for my wheel. Further investigation required.

Nini's Martini
'Olive Martini' Sweet Georgia
June Fibre Club
100% Falkland
4 oz.

Oh and it's SUUUUPER soft.

21 November 2010

Fear Factor Fibre - Cotton Sliver

It's been a while since I posted any updates on the whole Tour de Fleece thing. And to be honest, I haven't spent any time at the wheel for a while. But the past few weeks I've been ploughing through the fibre that's been half spun on the wheel for months.

Here's the first half of the cotton sliver spun & plied.
I spun cotton sliver!

'Leaf' Blonde Chicken
100% Organic Cotton Fiber
2 oz.

For the record 4 oz. of cotton sliver is a HECK of a lot to spin!

20 November 2010

Socks for Grumpy

I was chatting with a friend earlier in the summer and she was feeling down. So I knit her some socks. She was quite pleased to pick out the yarn even if it was from photos of my stash. I'm mailing them today.

Cubist Toes

Socks for Grumpy

Pattern: Cubist Socks by Cookie A
Materials: Trekking XXL
Start Date: May 30, 2010
End Date: October 23, 2010

19 November 2010

Oyster Pie Blanket - Finally Finished

I'm feeling rather laconic at the moment so here we go.

My best friend got married in October so I made her a blanket. I finished all the blocks a week before leaving and finished mattress stitching them together on the plane ride down to SF (where she lives with her new husband). They love it.

Finished Oyster Pie Blanket

Oyster Pie Blanket Detail

Finished Oyster Pie Blanket

Crinkled up goodness

Pattern: Sunny Spread
by Ellen Gormley
Materials: Louet Gems Bulky in 7 colours + cloud grey
Start Date: March 23, 2010
End Date: October 9, 2010