Knitting Daisies

I like it when knitting shows up in movies and on tv. I was recently very pleasantly surprised to see knitting on one of the new fall tv shows that I enjoy, Pushing Daisies,* has character that knits when nervous. Emerson Cod, the PI, starts knitting in the second episode in response to the dead girl being not dead anymore.

The actor isn't a very good knitter, but not completely hopeless.

Cod's recent finished pieces, a lovely sweater vest and gun cosies.

In the middle of the action, a knitting needle saves the day!

In the end, he continues to knit.

He finishes up with some money cosies.

I quite enjoy the super cuteness of this show. Especially when they add fun character traits like knitting. The best part was having a knitting partner without needing to leave the house.

* An ABC show that airs on CTV here in Canadia.


Knitting Mama said…
I just started watching the show, so I'm catching up - but that is awesome!!
k2p2 secret pal said…
I gotta check out that show - looks cool. I wonder what network its on?

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